Other Important Information

BMX Australia Insurance Program

BMX Australia Insurance Program is arranged by Willis Australia. 

For any matters relating to insurance, please visit the homepage of the BMX Australia Insurance Program by clicking the link below.  This page will provide you with current and relative information on any issues concerning insurance including Frequently Asked Questions, Summary of the Insurance Cover and Personal Accident claim forms.


What to do after an accident has occured

If you have had an accident and injured yourself at a sanctioned BMX event or BMX training night, follow the simple steps below:

1.       Complete the accident report form – available from the club, BMXQ web page & BMXA web page

2.       If a medical claim will be made – download the insurance claim form

3.       Complete the claim form and send to BMXA for processing

4.       Once processed the insurance company will deal directly with the person or in the case of a minor with the parent.

What is covered

Covers included in the BMX Australia, Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia program


To view a summary of the below covers, please go to www.willis.com.au/cycling

Public & Products Liability and Professional Indemnity


Personal Accident

Association Liability

This information is only a summary of the cover provided. The policy documents with full terms and conditions are available at www.willis.com.au/cycling


The following classes of insurance are not available under the BMX Australia, Cycling Australia and Mountain Bike Australia Program;

  • Fire & Perils
  • Machinery Breakdown / Electronic Equipment
  • Property & Equipment
  • Money
  • Deterioration of stock
  • Compulsory Third Party
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Travel (there is travel cover in place for registered professional and non professional athletes (International License Holders) and authorised persons, please contact either BMX Australia / Cycling Australia on 
    ph: (02) 339 5800 or Mountain Bike Australia on ph: (07) 4959 1913 for details.
  • Workers' Compensation

If you would like a quotation on any of the above covers, please contact Willis on 1300 WILLIS (i.e 1300 945 547).

How to make a claim

Personal Accident


Non-Medicare Medical Expenses and Loss of Income Claims
We require a claim form to be completed for any Non Medicare Medical Expenses and / or Loss of Income claims. Please complete either the  BMX Australia and Cycling Australia claim form (Please find attached the two claim forms to be linked to the above links) and forward to your Cycling Body along with any medical receipts for reimbursement.


Capital Benefit Claims
If you become aware of a potential Capital Benefit claim or permanent or partial disablement claim, please notify Willis immediately, (02) 9285 4111 or 1300 WILLIS (i.e 1300 945 547). 

Public & Products Liability and Professional Indemnity


In the event of a liability claim, do not admit liability under any circumstances. Contact Willis Australia Limited immediately to notify any incidents on (02) 9285 4111 or 1300 WILLIS (i.e 1300 945 547).

Association Liability


Any circumstances giving rise to an Association Liability claim is to be notified to Willis as soon as possible on 
(02) 9285 4111 or 1300 WILLIS (i.e 1300 945 547).

NoviCover - Temporary Membership arrangement

NoviCover is a Temporary Membership arrangement available to non-members of Cycling Australia (CA) who participate in introductory events and activities organised under the control of CA and its affiliate associations. BMX Australia and Freestyle BMX are included in these affiliate associations.

NoviCover applies to participants in:
- Development programs, skills clinics and similar activities conducted by NCAS accredited cycling coaches, BMXA accredited coaches and FBMX accredited coaches;
- Introductory and modified forms of racing, ‘come-n-try’ sessions and recreational rides designed for cycling novices

For more information on NoviCover go to www.willis.com.au/cycling

Should you require a certificate of currency please contact Cycling Australia on;
Phone: (02) 9339 5800
Fax: (02) 9644 3006
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.